Publication Type Journal Article
Title Action of euptox A from Ageratina adenophora juice on human cell lines: A top-down study using FTIR spectroscopy and protein profiling
Authors Rebeca Andre Joana Catarro Dalia Freitas Rita Pacheco M. Conceição Oliveira Maria Luisa Serralheiro Pedro L. Fale
Year 2019
Month June
Volume 57
Pages 217-225
Abstract Euptox A, from Ageratina adenophora juice, is a toxin associated with the plant s resistance to infections, invasiveness and traditional use in cancer treatment. We used FTIR spectroscopy and protein profiling of cell lines to study the impact of euptox A on human cells, to clarify its mechanism of action in a top-down approach. Euptox A was extracted from the juice of A. adenophora. Its stability in the gastrointestinal tract was evaluated, as the compound/juice is generally taken orally. Cytotoxicity was determined in HeLa, Caco-2 and MCF7 cells, and the mechanism of action analyzed by protein and metabolite profiles using electrophoresis and FTIR spectroscopy. Euptox A resisted gastrointestinal digestion and was the most cytotoxic component of the extract for all cell lines tests. Euptox A-treated HeLa cells showed changes in protein profile, especially on 40S ribosomal protein S8 (RP), generally associated with cancer cells. FTIR profiles of treated cells diverged in the same metabolites as cells treated with cisplatin, both in metabolite directed analysis and in multivariate analysis (principal component analysis). In conclusion, euptox A in this top-down study showed a cellular impact that suggests a strong potential against cancer, acting on cancer targeted cellular characteristics.
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ISSN 0887-2333
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