Publication Type Journal Article
Title Methanation of CO2 over nickel-lanthanide bimetallic oxides supported on silica
Authors Joaquim B. Branco Pedro E. Brito Ana C. Ferreira
Groups IOARC
Year 2020
Month January
Volume 380
Abstract The synthesis of Ni-Ln bimetallic oxides (Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Sm, Dy, and Yb; Ni/Ln = 5) supported on silica and their study as catalysts for the methanation of CO2 was for the first time undertaken. Silica was obtained by electrospinning and the supported catalysts prepared by the incipient wetness impregnation technique with the Ni-Ln bimetallic oxides were equally distributed on the silica surface. The addition of lanthanides increases the catalysts activity and such increment was associated with the existence of a synergism between nickel and the 4f block element (doping effect of the lanthanides) that influence their basicity, decreases the catalysts particle size and increases its stability on the gaseous stream. The best results were those obtained over nickel-praseodymium and nickel-cerium bimetallic oxides that presents an activity per active site (Ni) 4-10 times higher than that measured over two reference catalysts, NiO/CO2 and 5 wt\% Rh/Al2O3, respectively, tested in the same conditions. This is a remarkable result and this work shows that supported nickel - lanthanide bimetallic oxides could be a real alternative to noble metal catalysts for the methanation of CO2.
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ISSN 1385-8947
EISSN 1873-3212
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