Publication Type Journal Article
Title Dry reforming of methane over nanostructured nickel - Actinide (Th, U) bimetallic oxides
Authors Ana C. Ferreira Joaquim B. Branco
Groups IOARC
Year 2020
Month May
Volume 45
Number 28
Pages 14375-14382
Abstract Dry reforming of methane (DRM) can be an efficient alternative to convert greenhouse gases and to produce valuable feedstock. In this work, nanostructured nickel - actinide bimetallic oxides (2NiO center dot ThO2 and NiO center dot UNiO4) were tested for the first time as DRM catalysts. They were very active and highly selective towards the production of syngas at low temperatures. Their catalytic performance is better than that of a commercial rhodium supported catalyst (5 wt \% Rh/Al2O3) used as a reference. In particular, the thorium catalyst was more active and selective at 550 degrees C than the commercial catalyst, which is a significant low temperature for DRM. The nanostructured nickel - actinide bimetallic oxides long-term stability was also remarkable and an important improvement if we consider the behavior of others nickel-based catalysts that normally undergoing significant deactivations due to coke or sintering. (C) 2020 Hydrogen Energy Publications LLC. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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ISSN 0360-3199
EISSN 1879-3487
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