Biobank | CQE

Biobanks are crucial tools for translational research. The biobank|CQE has been created to support the development and testing of new molecules with possible health benefits, and as a repository of human and non-human samples relevant to the Centre’s research.

The primordial objective of Biobank|CQE is to provide researchers with access to tissues, cells, body fluids, etc., contributing to more comprehensive and impactful research projects. This unit is housed in the Chemical Biology Laboratory in the Chemistry building at Técnico Alameda.


Coordination & Scientific Commission:

Pedro Pinheiro



Gonçalo Justino

Matilde Marques

Curation Team:

Pedro Rosado


  • Blood plasma/serum separation and storage
  • Blood cell isolation (PBMC, RBC, platelets) and cryopreservation
  • Plasma inactivation
  • Cell culture (cell lines and primary cultures)
  • Sub-cellular fractioning and storage
  • Nucleic acid extraction and storage
  • Bacteria growth and cryopreservation

Sample & Service Request

To access samples and request services provided by the biobank|CQE, please fill in the Request Form (here) and e-mail it to

All requests will be evaluated by the biobank|CQE Scientific Commission.


The biobank|CQE accepts all kinds of donations, preferably blood samples that are collected by specialized personnel using single-use, sterile and safe equipment. All donations are anonymous and untraceable. All samples donated are stored in adequate conditions and can be destroyed whenever the donor requests it.

Contact us:

Pedro Pinheiro: