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List of the Accepted Participants

In total, we received about 110 requests, from those ca. 70 were accepted for the participation.
Among these accepted applications, we granted a possibility to join both Theoretical and Practical Components to 24 young participans, while other 50 are kindly welcome to the Theoretical Part (the major component of the School, see Tentative Program).
The preference for the participation in both Theoretical and Practical parts was given to Master&Ph.D. Students, working in the field of Synthetic Chemistry.

In case of doubts, and if you think that your name was unfairly forgotten/removed from the selection table, please contact the organizing committee within next 5 days.

Participants Allowed for Both Theoretical and Practical Components
Rogério S. Chay    FCUL/CQE-IST
Francesco Montalbano    FFUL
Pedro Miguel Santos Ferreira Adão    CQE-IST
Tânia Morais    CCMM-FCUL
Claudia Figueira    CQE-IST
Shrika Guirishchandra Harjivan    CQE-IST
Carlos Monteiro    CQFM-IST
Sara Sousa    CQE-IST
Maria Vasconcellos Dias    CQB-FCUL
Carolina Maria Candeias de Moura    ITN
Tiago A. Fernandes    CQE-IST
Joel Fonseca    CCMM-FCUL
Graça Brotas    DEQB-IST
Luís Gomes    CQFM-IST
Ana Fragoso    ITQB-UNL
Francisco França Alcântara Conceição Silva    ITN
Maurício Morais    ITN
Marta Saraiva    CQB-FCUL
Pedro Franco Pinheiro    CQE-IST
Susana Cunha    ITN
Joana Romão    ITQB-UNL
Pedro Cal    FFUL
Ana M.C. Dias    CQE-IST
Vánia M. Andre    CQE-IST

Participants Accepted for the Theoretical Component
Ana Lúcia Morais    FCUL
Maria Augusta Antunes    CQE-IST
Catarina Trindade    CQE-IST
Marta Ramilo Abrantes    CQE-IST
Clara Gomes    CQE-IST
Luis Alves    CQE-IST
Milan Chhaganlal Narendra    CCMM-FCUL
Sónia Martins    ISEL
Krassimira Guerra    CQFM-IST
Bruno Gonçalo    CQE-IST
Raquel Frade    CQFM-IST
Andreia de Almeida Rosatella    CQFM-IST
Filipe Menezes    CQFM-IST
M. Carolina Maia    CQFM-IST
Jaime Coelho    CQFM-IST
Alexandra Costa    ISEL
Patrícia Barata    ISEL
Yauhen Karabach    CQE-IST
Ana Cristina da Silva Fernandes    CQE-IST
Paulo Gloria    FFUL
Marco Filipe Cerqueira Araújo    FCUL
Ana Cristino    FCUL
Cybelle Palma de Oliveira    FCUL
Daniel Mendes Silveira    FCUL
Ana Margarida Santos    FCUL
Andreia de Oliveira Figueiras    FCUL
Ana Lopes    FCUL
Tânia Frade    FCUL
Praveen Kumar Siripuram    FFUL
Ana Catarina Cardoso de Sousa    ISEL
Cristina Isabel Silva Fernandes    FCUL
Ana Paula Ribeiro    FCUL
Gustavo Silva    FFUL
Elsa Gonçalves    FCUL
Joana Vitorino    ITN
Ana Cristina Gomes Ferreira    ITN
Pedro Mendes    CQE-IST
Salomé Vieira    FCUL
Tânia Rosado    ITQB
Ana Luísa da Silva Mendonça    DEQB-IST
Catarina Rodrigues    CQFM-IST
Sheila Alves    IST
Carina Neto    ITN
Carla Sofia Robalo Proença    FCUL
Teresa Esteves    ITN