Armando José Latourrette de Oliveira Pombeiro

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Armando J. L. Pombeiro is Full Professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, President of the Centro de Química Estrutural and Coordinator of its Synthesis and Catalysis thematic line, President of the College of Chemistry of the University of Lisbon, Director of the Catalysis and Sustainability (CATSUS) PhD program, Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon and former President of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society.

His research Group investigates the activation of small molecules with industrial, environmental or biological significance, including: (i) metal-mediated synthesis and (bioinspired) homogeneous or supported catalysis under mild/sustainable conditions (e.g., functionalization of alkanes, water oxidation, water in catalysis, alcohols and ketones oxidations, C-C couplings, CO2 utilization; catalysis in water, in ionic liquids, in supercritical medium, under microwaves and/or metal-free); (ii) crystal engineering of coordination compounds, design and self-assembly of polynuclear and supramolecular structures (e.g., coordination polymers and MOFs), non-covalent interactions in synthesis; (iii) coordination compounds with anti-tumor and anti-bacterial activity); (iv) molecular electrochemistry; and (v) theoretical studies.

He was Chairman of the 25th Internat. Conference on Organometallic Chem. (ICOMC 2012) and will also chair the 7th EuCheMS Conference on Nitrogen Ligands (2018) and the 22nd Internat. Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis (ISHC 2020). He was (is) member of organizing/scientific committees of 40 international conferences or schools.

He authored one book (plus four as editor), (co-)authored over 780 research publications, ca. 40 patents, and presented 100 invited lectures at international conferences. His work has received over 17,500 citations, h-index = 59 (Web of Science).

Among his honors, he was awarded the Madinabeitia-Lourenço Prize from the Spanish Royal Chemical Society, the Prizes of the Portuguese Chemical and Electrochemical Societies, and the Scientific Prize of the Technical University of Lisbon.