Rute Isabel Telhadas Cesário

Orcid number 0000-0003-1832-5391 Researcher id R-5288-2016

06 Chemistry for the Environment Phone: +351 218 419 177 Fax: + 351 218 464 455 www:

My main research interests are on the field of environmental chemistry mainly in the fate and biogeochemistry of key pollutants in the environment, specially on the mercury cycle. I finished my PhD in environmental engineering and continue as a member of CQE in IST being focused in Hg cycle concerning salt marsh environments as main research areas.The role of plants will be evaluated using Hg stable isotopes to evaluate the methyl mercury (MMHg) production and factors affected Hg methylation and MMHg demethylation processes. At the present time I'm at IPMA as a post doctoral researcher, and also as a responsible of the mercury unit in the biogeochemistry laboratory. In IPMA I'm with a research grant working in a research project - REEUSE, focusing in rare earth elements (REE) in the environment. The main goal of this project is to improve the knowledge on recycling of REE and how it may prevent the dispersion of REE in the aquatic milieu.