Prof. Pombeiro awarded the Prix Franco-Portugais

Prof. Armando J. L. Pombeiro has been awarded the "Prix Franco-Portugais" by the French Chemical Society. This prize was awarded for the first time and the ceremony was held recently (May 16th) at the Maison de La Chimie, Paris.

The prize was in recognition of his "eminent works in the development of innovative catalysts...for industrial processes issues" and of "the strong links that he established with the French chemists".

In the attached photo (left to right): Prof. Marc Taillefer (President of the French Chemical Society), Prof. Armando Pombeiro, Prof. Anna Proust (President of the Division of Coordination Chemistry of the French Chemical Society), and Prof. Pierre Dixneuf (on behalf of the nominators).


Published/edited: 24/05/2019