Each CQE campus has its own safety comission. The members of each comission are responsible for the implementation of preventive safety measures and for the development of good practices.

Técnico - Alameda and Tecnológico&Nuclear Campuses

Members of the safety comission are:

José Nuno Canongia Lopes
Teresa Duarte
Alexander Kirillov
Isabel Correia
Suzana Andrade Paiva
Helena Avelino
João Tomé

At the Tecnológico&Nuclear Campus, the Unit of Ocupational Health handles safety issues.

Ciências Campus

At the Ciências Campus, Luísa Moita is the CQE members that is involved in safety and security aspects.




Safety regulations from Técnico apply to all CQE laboratories at Técnico campuses:

Manual de Segurança para Laboratórios | Laboratory Safety Manual | Apresentação do Manual

Acess to ANY Técnico laboratory requires reading the safety manual and signing the Read Receip (or the Registo de Leitura).

Disposition of Laboratory Residues at Técnico must be performed in accordance with the Residue Management guidelines.

Specific dispositions for DEQ laboratories can be found here, together with instructions for the use of fire extinghuishers.