Margarida Maria Portela Correia dos Santos Romão

Orcid number 0000-0001-7531-757X Researcher id H-7897-2012

06 Chemistry for the Environment Phone: +351 218 417 272 Fax: +351 218 464 455 www:


Environmental Chemistry: of metal ions in relevant environmental compartments with special emphasis on their dynamic speciation to evaluated  mobility, toxicity and availability. Emerging and priority substances in transitional environments. Currently involved with the Biogeochemistry of Platinum-group elements (PGE) in aquatic ecosystems. Speciation of metal ions in municipal wastewater treatment plantsmonitoring of oil dispersion using microbial surfactants after oil spill.

Bioelectrochemistry: electrochemistry of redox proteins and enzymes. Direct Electrochemistry, activation mechanisms and catalysis. Electrodes for redox proteins.  Currently engaged with the interaction of human serum proteins with transition metal ions. 

Chemical Analysis: development and application of analytical methodologies with special emphasis on electroanalysis.  Reliability, comparability and traceability of chemical measurements. Currently involved with the a adaption of suitable Environmental Quality Standards (EQSs) for priority and specific metals in natural waters by throughout critical analysis of data obtained by voltammetry with that of passive samplers.


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