Marta Videira A. Santos Andrade

Orcid number 0000-0002-7603-5192 Researcher id F-9940-2011

06 Chemistry for the Environment Phone: + 351 218419225 Fax: www:


Marta Amaral Andrade completed her PhD in 2016 in Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa. She joined the Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis group of Centro de Química Estrutural (CQE-IST) in 2017.

Her current research interests are mainly directed towards the area of sustainable heterogeneous catalysis under mild conditions, namely by activation of small molecules with industrial significance.  She is focused on the heterogenization of scorpionate complexes onto solid supports of different natures (e.g., functionalized silica, zeolites or carbon materials) and investigating the catalytic activity of these materials towards the oxidation of alkanes or alcohols.

Marta A. Andrade has co-authored 16 papers in international peer-reviewed journals (h?index: 11,  >300 citations) and has presented 7 oral, and more than 20 panel communications in international conferences.