Research Groups
01 Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis (CCC)
02 Inorganic and Organometallic Architectures, Reactivity and Catalysis (IOARC)
03 Heterogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Processes (CATHPRO)
04 Bioinorganic Chemistry and Drug Development (BIOIN)
05 Design, synthesis, and toxicology of bioactive molecules (BioMol)
06 Chemistry for the Environment (Chem4Env)
07 Corrosion Science and Surface Engineering (CSSE)
08 Photoactive Molecules, Photonics and Functional Materials (MPPM)
09 Molecular and Engineering Thermodynamics (MET)
10 Molecular Thermophysics and Fluid Technology (MTFT)
11 Carbohydrate Chemistry (HC)
Former Members (FM)