Welcome to CQE! Contacts

Executive Secretariat

For any general questions related with CQE, please contact:

Maria Amália Soares
(+351) 218419260 | internal: 3260 | cqeapoio@tecnico.ulisboa.pt

Tãnia Batalha
(+351) 218419399 | internal: 3399 | cqeapoio@tecnico.ulisboa.pt


Safety Support

For safety issues at each campus, please contact: 

Técnico - Campus Alameda

Técnico - Campus Tecnológico&Nuclear



Welcome 2 CQE

Newbie at CQE and helplessly lost? The Welcome Comission is here to help you. Anything that you can't find here ? Ana Paula Ribeiro and Nuno Neng, with a little help from Marta Alves, Leonor Corte-Real, Gonçalo Justino, and Leonor Maria, and of course the unique knowledge of Amália Soares, are here to help.