Publication Type Journal Article
Title Tuning Zeolite Properties towards CO2 Methanation: An Overview
Authors M C Bacariza; M. Carmen Bacariza I. Graca Jose M. Lopa Carlos Henriques
Year 2019
Month May
Volume 11
Number 10
Pages 2388-2400
Abstract This work provides a short review of the literature concerning the utilization of zeolites as supports for CO2 methanation catalysts. Indeed, the application of these materials in carbon dioxide hydrogenation into methane has led to considerably relevant performances according to the literature, being zeolitebased catalysts more active and selective than commercial materials reported. Considering the well- known zeolite features and the possibility to finely modulate its properties, inducing relevant changes on the adsorbed metal species and in the CO2 activation ability of the catalyst, potentially interesting catalytic properties can be generated also towards this transformation. Possible correlations between the characteristics of these materials, found as relevant for CO2 methanation, and the catalytic properties will be then presented and discussed.
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ISSN 1867-3880
EISSN 1867-3899
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Bibtex ID ISI:000472232800002
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