CQE's Communication Comission is constituted by Ana Cristino, Ana Paula Carvalho, Carlos Bernardes, Ermelinda Maçôas, Gonçalo Justino, Isabel Correia, Joaquim Marquês, Karina Shimizu, Luísa Martins, Maria Amália Soares, and Tânia Morais.

Dulce Simão (CQE@Técnico) is in charge of the Communication and Promotion of the Chemical Engineering Department of IST.

Olinda Monteiro and Rodrigo Almeida (CQE@Ciências) are in charge of the Communication and Promotion of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of FCUL.

Ana Paula Carvalho (CQE@Ciências), Palmira Silva (CQE@Tecnico), Ermelinda Maçõas (CQE@Tecnico) and Isabeç Correia (CQE@Tecnico) participate in the organization of the Olimpíadas de Química.

The Communication Commission is responsible for maintaining the center website and keeping social networks updated, as well as exchanging ideas between CQE and the host institutions, Técnico and Ciências.