Publication Type Journal Article
Title Viscosity of liquid diethylene, triethylene and tetraethylene glycols at moderately high pressures using a vibrating wire instrument
Authors Marta F. V. Pereira Helena Avelino Fernando Caetano João Fareleira
Groups MET
Year 2019
Month January
Volume 480
Pages 87-97
Abstract New viscosity measurements of compressed liquid diethylene glycol (DiEG), triethylene glycol (TriEG) and tetraethylene glycol (TeEG) have been performed using a vibrating wire instrument operated in the forced oscillation mode. The measurements have been carried out in a range of pressures up to 70 MPa and temperatures from (293-363) K, covering a total range of viscosities from (3.46-1.15 x 10(2)) mPa.s. Complementary experimental density data were obtained for the same glycols using an Anton Paar vibrating U-tube densimeter. These measurements have been performed in a range of temperatures from about (283-363) K and at pressures up to about 70 MPa. The viscosity results were correlated with density, using a modified hard-spheres scheme. The experimental density data were correlated, as a function of temperature and pressure, with a modified Tait-type equation. The expanded uncertainty of the present viscosity results at a 95\% confidence level is estimated to be less than +/- 2.0\% for viscosities up to 68 mPa s and less than +/- 2.6\% for higher viscosities. The densities have an expanded uncertainty of +/- 0.2\% at a 95\% confidence level. (C) 2018 Published by Elsevier B.V.
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ISSN 0378-3812
EISSN 1879-0224
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Bibtex ID ISI:000452575400009
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