Cover of Organometallics issue 3 by IOARC group

The ACS Editors’ Choice work by Pedro T. Gomes is the cover of Organometallics issue number 3

"The authors describe the synthesis of hyperbranched oligoethylenes promoted by 2-iminopyrrolyl aryl nickel(II) homogeneous catalysts in the absence of the traditional alkyl aluminum cocatalysts. The set of Ni(II) complexes used have different steric and electronic properties, and the ethylene oligomers obtained exhibit very high branching numbers. The cover art illustrates the ethylene oligomerization reaction with the general structure of the Ni(II) catalysts above a skyline of Lisbon, Portugal, the home of Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon), where all authors of this paper are affiliated."

Published/edited: 11/02/2019