HOT article of CS&T

The article “Hydroboration of terminal olefins with pinacolborane catalyzed by new 2-iminopyrrolyl iron(II) complexes” (, authored by Group 2 (IOARC) CQE researchers Tiago F. C. Cruz, Luís F. Veiros and Pedro T. Gomes, and co-authored by two C2TN colleagues, published in issue no. 13 (07/07/2019) of Catalysis Science & Technology (RSC), and highlighted by the editors with an invited front cover (cover art caption – “Playing tug-of-war with a borane: The Markovnikov addition of pinacolborane to styrene is regulated by iron complexes containing highly stereochemically encumbered 2-iminopyrrolyl ligands”) was selected by the CS&T Editors as a 2019 Catalysis Science & Technology HOT article


Published/edited: 11/07/2019