Agílio Pádua

Obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry in CQE/IST

Agilio Padua

Current position: Distinguished professor of physical chemistry at Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand.

Visiting scholar at MIT Dept of Chem. Eng. (2014-15).
Senior member of the Institut Universitaire de France (2013-).
Director of the CNRS Laboratory Thermodynamique et Interactions Moléculaires (2006-12).
Editor of the J. Chem. Thermodyn (2005-).

“My PhD in CQE provided me a complete training in physical chemistry in a stimulating scientific environment.”

Archana Mizar

Postdoctoral fellow at CQE (2010-2013)


Current position: Researcher at Prometic Bioscience, Cambridge, UK.

Ph. D., Organometallic Chemistry, 2010, Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong (India).

2013-2014: Worked at Bristol Laboratories, Luton, UK

“In my Postdoctoral training, I worked extensively on synthesis of cyano substituted dyes, synthesis of heterocyclic complexes by activation of nitrile through hydrogen bonding, synthesis of chitosan derivatives its metallation, and catalytic application for Suzuki coupling and Heck reaction under microwave conditions. I have also worked in synthesis of organo gold complexes and its catalytic activity like Buchwald hartwig reaction. My recent work was on synthesis of water-soluble coordination complexes and its application in alcohol oxidation and nitroaldol condensation and cycloalkane oxidation with non-transition metal salts.”

Erwin Reisner


Current position: co-director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Functional and Sustainable Nano

Erwin Reisner received his education and professional training at the University of Vienna, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, University of Lisbon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford and University of Manchester before moving to a tenured faculty position at the University of Cambridge in 2010. In Cambridge, he became a fellow and College lecturer at St. John’s College in 2011, head of the Christian Doppler laboratory for Sustainable SynGas Chemistry in 2012 and a co-director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Functional and Sustainable Nano in 2014. His group currently works on artificial photosynthesis and the generation of solar fuels by combining chemical biology, synthetic chemistry and materials chemistry.

“During my stay at CQE I learned and studied molecular electrochemistry to gain a deeper understanding in the mechanism of redox-activated ruthenium-based anticancer drugs. My stay was very successful and allowed me to draw useful structure-activity relationships for these compounds. My passion with electrochemistry really started in Lisbon and it has also become an inevitable technique in my current research, where I study electro- and photocatalytic fuel generation.”


Gonçalo Gamboa da Costa

Obtained a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in CQE/IST.


Current position:  Research Chemist at the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR), AR, USA.

He received his B.Sc. in Applied Plant Biology from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, an M.Sc. in Technologic Organic Chemistry from the New University of Lisbon, Portugal, and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. Following postdoctoral work at NCTR and Centro de Química Estrutural, Lisboa, Portugal, and at the Institute for Cancer Research, Sutton, UK, he was recruited by the FDA to lead the NCTR Laboratories of Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Dr. Gamboa da Costa has acted as the principal investigator in a number of key toxicological studies sponsored by the FDA and the US National Toxicology Program.

“I have had the pleasure of working at the Centro de Química Estrutural for a total of approximately 10 years, as an undergraduate student, M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidate, and as a postdoctoral fellow. I hold those years in very good memory and feel highly indebted to the center for all that I was able to experience and learn. The research that I am responsible for at the FDA is highly multidisciplinary in nature and the challenges that I face typically require not only a solid foundation in organic chemistry, but also a good perspective on matters related to physical chemistry or even computational chemistry. The multidisciplinary nature of Centro de Química Estrutural and its collegial environment enabled me to interact on a routine basis with colleagues from very diverse backgrounds, providing an exceedingly rich learning experience that routinely provides me an edge in solving day to day research challenges.”


Gopal S. Mishra

Postdoctoral fellow at CQE (2004-2008)


Current position: Auxiliary Researcher at CQ-VR, UTAD University, Vila Real, Portugal.

Obtained Ph.D. form in Polymer Chemistry in Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur, India in 1998. Won the “Young Scientist Awarded Fellowship” and worked as “Sr. Project Scientist” (2000-03) at Chem. Eng. Dept., Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India. In 2003, he was joined as “Postdoctoral” at Chem. Dept., University of Florida and after (2004) Pusan National University, S. Korea. Later, he won the FCT, “Postdoctoral Fellowship” (2004-08) at CQE, IST, Lisbon. Since 2008, he is working as “Auxiliary Researcher” at CQ-VR, UTAD University, Vila Real, Portugal.

During 2004-08, his research was associated with Prof. AJL Pombeiro’s Group-5 at CQE and published 03 patents, 08 papers in SCI journals and presented 05 papers in international conferences (overall 16 publications) in the field of Coordination Chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis.

Humberto Ferreira

Obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry in CQE/IST in 2003.

Humberto Ferreira

Current position: Senior Analytical Chemist in the Department of Research and Development of BIAL, a Pharmaceutical Company where research aims at the development of new chemicals with therapeutic applications.

“I spent six years in the CQE, where I worked in Organometallic Chemistry. This was a great period in my life because there I became a researcher. I learned about advanced synthetic procedures and prepared the first organometallic compounds of Ti(III/IV) and Zr(IV) azamacrocycles. I also learned advanced solution NMR techniques that were used to study reaction mechanisms and fluxional processes, and established fruitful collaborations with other CQE research groups that contributed to my PhD. The ambience was very friendly and people were available to share disappointments and successes and help my growth as a scientist. The competences that I acquired as a PhD student granted me a post-doc position in the group of Prof. Heinz Berke, University of Zurich, Switzerland, and later a career at BIAL.”


José Paulo Pinheiro

Obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry in CQE/IST in 1996.

João Paulo Pinheiro

Current position: Full Professor, École Nacional Superieure de Geologie, Université de Lorraine (since October 2014).

He joined the University of Algarve in 1995, Associate Professor in Faculty of Sciences and Technology till September 2014.

Member of the editorial board of J. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (since 2012 )

He was awarded a “Pesquisador Visitante Especial” grant from CNPq (Brasil) (2013-16)

“I remember my PhD years at CQE as being the most stimulating of my life.

Fortunately I had the opportunity (and luck) of working in the group of Environmental Chemistry of CQE, first through a scholarship in an European project and then with an FCT PhD grant. But the most important experience was Maria de Lurdes strong conviction that “science is not made at home, it is fundamental to go abroad and see how they work”.”


Lino Dias

Obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry in CQE/IST in 2001-

Lino dias

Current Position: CEO assistant of Bayer CropScience.

Lino Dias graduated in Chemical Engineering at IST in 1995 and in 2001 he got his PhD at CQE (“Vapour-Liquid Equilibria in binary systems involving xenon, light hydrocarbons and fluorinated compounds” – supervisors Jorge Calado & Eduardo Filipe). In 2001 he entered the Technical Division of Bayer in Leverkusen. Presently he is CEO assistant of Bayer CropScience. In 2012 he got the Bayer LIFE Efficiency Award and in 2014 the Bayer CropScience Innovation Award.

“As a researcher at CQE, I had the chance to establish contacts and collaborations with a number of universities and companies in Europe and the US. Among these, Bayer became a job opportunity for me and opened the door for internships of IST students in Germany.”

 Paulo Alexandre Gonçalves

Obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at ICEMS/IST in 2012


Current Position: Programme Manager of the Mid and Outer Fixed Leading Edge of aircraft A350-1000 (new version of the A350-900) at Morson Projects

“After graduation, I have joined OGMA (the major Portuguese company on aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul -MRO), where I’ve been 9 years working in various areas of engineering. I started in the area of surface-protection engineering, occupying positions of senior engineer and project leader.

In 2008 I started my PhD at IST-ICEMS, under the supervision of Prof. Joao Salvador Fernandes, with a FCT doctoral grant and supported by OGMA. In 2012, after finishing my PhD, I started working at Airbus in the United Kingdom, in the development of the A350-900 aircraft. For two years, I took the position of “Head of A350-900 Wing Engineering Rear Spar and Continuous Support” being in charge of the project team and development of a part of the structure. One year ago I have moved to Morson Projects, one of the biggest consultants on aircraft engineering in the United Kingdom, to occupy the position of “Programme Manager of the Mid and Outer Fixed Leading Edge” of aircraft A350-1000 (new version of the A350-900). My collaboration with the Corrosion Group of ICEMS has been an asset in my entire professional career”.


Paolo Sgarbossa

Marie Curie – Aquachem Grant, 5 months, in CQE


Current Position: Assistant professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padova.

He completed his PhD in Chemical Sciences in 2007 at the University of Padova, under the supervision of Prof. Rino A. Michelin and Prof. Marino Basato. In 2003 he joined the research group of Prof. Giorgio Strukul at the Chemistry Dipartment of the University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari (I.N.S.T.M. Grant, 10 months) and in 2006 the group of Prof. Armando J.L. Pombeiro at the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal (Marie Curie – Aquachem Grant, 5 months). His main research interests are the synthesis and characterization of Pt(II) and Pd(II) complexes for catalysis and bioinorganic applications, functionalized isocyanides and diphosphine ligands and magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia.


My experience in Prof. Pombeiro’s laboratories at the Centro Quimica Estrutural of the Instituto Superior Técnico has represented my first contact with a truly international research environment. The time spent there allowed me to strengthen my synthetic skills and expanded my knowledge of organometallic synthesis and its catalytic applications which are now an important part of my research activity.

 Rui Bartolomeu

Obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering, CRERG/IST 2013.


Current position:SCAT engineer at Johnson Matthey

Rui Bartolomeu defended his PhD thesis on Chemical Engineering last year. The work developed in his thesis on environmental heterogeneous catalysis, entitled NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction in Biofuel Powered Vehicles, was conducted in CRERG-IST and IJLRDA-UPMC, under joint supervision of Professor Filipa Ribeiro and Professor Patrick Da Costa, respectively.
After his thesis, Rui moved to United Kingdom to join Johnson Matthey as SCAT Engineer.


Rui Munhá

Obtained a PhD. in Chemistry, CQE/IST in 2011.


Current position: Science and Technology Manager at Foundation for Science and Technology, Lisbon, Portugal

“I initiated my undergraduate studies at IST and soon established a close relationship with members of Centro de Química Estrutural, namely researchers and Professors of the former Group II lead by Professor Alberto Romão Dias. The vast knowledge and networking of its members allowed me, at the time a 4th year undergraduate student, to complete my Diploma in Chemistry at the prestigious University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada under the guidance of Professor Michael Fryzuk and supervised by Professor Ana M. Martins at IST.

The excellent basic knowledge of chemistry offered by the undergraduate programs at IST was decisive for a successful stay in Canada. This was the driving force for a collaborative work between Professor Ana Martins and Professor Michael Fryzuk that resulted in an exchange of research projects and human resources.

The open mentality and pro-activity of IST-CQE has shaped my personality and scientific profile; this is certainly behind the unique research career I have embraced, involving successful stays at the University of California, Irvine, USA and at University of Aveiro.

I now decided that my place was at the Foundation for Science and Technology where I will continue to devote my professional career to Science and to transfer the knowledge and expertise acquired for the last 10 years. IST-CQE will always be my home.”


Marco Gil

Obtained a PhD in Chemistry in CQE/IST in 2006


Presente position : Director R&D Process Chemistry, Hovione Farmaciencia SA

“My scientific career began in CQE while still finishing the graduation in Chemical Engineering at the invitation of Professor Maria Amélia Santos. I decided to do my PhD at CQE with Prof. Amélia, due to its multidisciplinary, international environment, possibility of doing research on relevant topics and the quality of the researchers and teachers of the center.
The CQE has provided me right ecosystem to develop my research, deepening scientific knowledge but also developing the ability to work in team and sharpening the curiosity for the unknown and experimentation. All these ingredients have allowed the development of a scientific basis and self-confidence to embrace challenges beyond academia. In my current career in the pharmaceutical industry I do contact everyday with scientists that work in my group and scientist of around the world in other companies or institutions that allows me to easily confirm that the IST and the CQE provided  the training to the best level that can be found in the most prestigious institutes around the world.”

 Tatiana Mac Leod

Postdoctoral fellow (2009-2012) in CQE


Current Position: Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Alfenas (ICT/Poços de Caldas), Brazil.

She obtained her Licenciate in Chemistry degree (2004) and PhD in Inorganic Chemistry (2008) at University of São Paulo (FFCLRP-USP/Ribeirão Preto/SP/Brazil). She undertook the postdoctoral fellowship (2009-2012), before taking the current position. She is (co)authored 26 peer-reviewed publications and her main research focuses on Catalysis and Green Chemistry, and includes the followings topics: oxidative functionalization of alkanes, alcohols, nitroaldol condensation and drug oxidation by transition metal complexes in homogeneous and heterogeneous systems.


“I have spent four years at the Instituto Superior Técnico, the University of Lisbon (IST/UL) and I had an unique research experience. I had the privilege of working closely with good scientists, and I learned more than I ever could have imagined. Everyone was very helpful and friendly, where I really felt like a member of the team. I have attended conferences and published papers and these opportunities would have not been possible without the support of the FCT and IST/UT. I feel that the outstanding education that I received at Instituto Superior Técnico is what led me to be accepted as assistant professor at University of Alfenas, Brazil.”

 Dr. Yu Wang

Obtained a Ph.D. in CQE/IST in 1994.


Current position: Chairman and CEO of Farasis Energy, Inc

From 1994 to 1996, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Chemistry Dept. of the University of British Columbia working with Prof. Brian R. James. From 1997 to 2000, he was a scientist at R&D Dept. of NEC Moli (Canada) Ltd. From 2000 to 2002, He was respectively a senior scientist, Director of R&D Dept., and chief cell designer of PolyStor Corporation. Since 2002, he has served as Chairman and CEO of Farasis Energy, Inc.