CQE in collaboration with DEQ/IST and DQB/FCUL is engaged in the promotion of Chemistry, linking the university and the research center to the society (e.g., schools, libraries and cultural institutions). 

Chemical events, such as hands-on-experiments, exhibitions, chemical shows, publications and guided tours are organized within the Campi and directly in schools/institutions.


CQE's Communication Comission is constituted by Ana Cristino, Ana Mourato, Ana Paula Carvalho, Carlos Bernardes, Ermelinda Maçôas, Gonçalo Justino, Isabel Correia, Joaquim Marquês, Karina Shimizu, Luísa Martins, Maria Amália Soares, and Tânia Morais.

Dulce Simão (CQE@Técnico) is in charge of the Communication and Promotion of the Chemical Engineering Department of IST.

Olinda Monteiro, Rodrigo Almeida and Ana Mourato (CQE@Ciências) are in charge of the Communication and Promotion of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of FCUL.

Ana Paula Carvalho (CQE@Ciências) and Palmira Silva (CQE@Tecnico) participates in the organization of the Olimpíadas de Química.



The CQE’s activities aim at enhancing the links between primary and secondary schools and higher education. Also, intend to strengthen young student’s motivation for acquiring knowledge and for pursuing higher education.

CQE is engaged with:
•    Organizing sessions on topics related with the research areas at the Centre;
•    Promoting study visits to the Center and joint activities, stimulating the perception of the importance of knowledge and training skills;
•    Participating in Ciência Viva agenda, namely being a partner of the network Clubes Ciência Viva na Escola;
•    Stimulating informal contacts between researchers and the public in general;

These science divulgation activities allow students to carry out practical work in laboratories and to attend several lectures on a related topic.


2019 -The International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT2019)

During 2019, CQE will promote activities concerning the IYPT2019, such as:

•    exhibition Chemistry and Art: We are Elements of the Periodic Table (responsibility of Clementina Teixeira) in cooperation with Museu Alfredo Bensaúde and DEQ at IST.


•    exhibitions linking Chemistry to Art (responsibility of Clementina Teixeira) of recognized painters (e.g., Poen de Wijs, Jantina Peperkamp, Duma Arantes) to be presented in Casa das Ciências Congresses and in other events promoted by Ciência Viva and partner institutions;



•    Guided tours to CQE laboratories (responsibility of Luísa Martins), available to Schools, on demand, particularly for those participating in the programs Cientificamente Provável and Clubes Ciência Viva na Escola.


Other Activities

•    exhibition Nó Cego, upcycling of textiles, symmetry studies and chemical decorative patterns;



•    exhibition on applied microscopy Artisans of the 21st Century available to Schools on demand;

•    talks offered to high schools, by CQE members @Ciencias, can be found here.

•    presentations of ongoing outreach activities in Congresses as those organized by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Casa das Ciências, autarkies cultural programs, etc.


Science and Technology Week 2018 

CQE joined the Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia 2018, promoted by Ciência Viva, with the theme Chemistry and Art: We are Elements of the Periodic Table (responsibility of Clementina Teixeira), conducting three events from 21-23 November 2018:

•    a guided visit to three exhibition modules on the growth of crystals "On the Rocks"



  • the observation of chemical reactions and crystallizations through a stereomicroscope


•    an exhibition on applied microscopy, “Artisans of the 21st Century"

These modules were distributed in Centro de Química Estrutural, Complex I, in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Torre Sul and in Alfredo Bensaúde Museum, in collaboration with Prof. Manuel Francisco Costa Pereira.

Ideas for feasible projects in schools were presented, emphasizing the role of Periodic Table of Elements, preparing the activities for next year in which the Periodic Table will be highlighted. The event was reported in several newspapers. 

Exhibition Science and Art with AEIST 

Resulting from an exhibition at Laboratórios Abertos 2018, CQE was invited for the Cultural Week of IST 2018, participating with the theme Exhibition Ciência e Arte com a AEIST.