Theoretical and practical sessions on Solid-State NMR (ssNMR) took place in October 2014. The main goal of this initiative was to improve the knowledge of target ssNMR applications such as Chemistry, Materials Science and Pharmaceutical Science. Lectures were given by Prof. Robin K. Harris (Emeritus Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Durham University, UK). An introduction to ssNMR spectroscopy preceded these sessions. Theoretical sessions took place at “Anfiteatro Abreu Faro” (“Complexo Interdisciplinar”) and were open to everyone. Practical sessions were limited to 10 participants. The participation was free of charge.

Basic NMR knowledge is required to participate in the practical sessions (comprising hands-on experiments and exercises). To pre-register please send an e-mail to by the 31st of July, mentioning briefly: a) Past studies involving the use of NMR, b) Future studies expected to involve the use of ssNMR (not mandatory). All the applicants will be informed before the 15th of September regarding the application results.
Successful applicants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing research work.
This course is supported by an IST-Cimpor project, CQE and PTNMR.

Program of the event