CQE Days


2020 has been the year of confinement and social distancing.

But even that didn't stop us.

Instead of meeting in a quintessential place like we did in 2019, this year we hosted CQEDays Spring Meeting online, over Twitter and Zoom.

With the @cqedays handle and the #CQEDays2020 hashtag, you'll see everything on its natural habitat.

You can find all the works, videos, and other info, linked below, and you can find the meeting website here.

CQE Days 2020 was organized by Marta Alves (Técnico), Ana Cristino (Ciências), Gonçalo Justino (Técnico), Nuno Neng (Ciências), Ana Ribeiro (Técnico), and Maria Amália Soares.


CQEDays 2020 within CQE

A foreword by our President and by the Thematic Lines coordinators



CQEDays 2020 Portfolio - All Tweeted Works


CQEDays2020 - Zoom Sessions