Welcome to CQE! Campus Life @ Ciências

Ciências Campus

Located in one of Lisbon’s most central areas, FCUL campus is surrounded by a wide range of public transportation network, allowing easy access to all points of the city.

FCUL was created in 1911. Since its creation and until 1985, when it was transferred to its new facilities in Campo Grande, the FCUL facilities were in the building that used to hold the Polytechnic School (Escola Politécnica), and before that, other key cultural and scientific institutes.



Moving around

The rooms are identified by [Building. Floor. room]. For example: Auditorium 3.2.14 -> Building C3. 2nd Floor. Room 14.
All buildings can be access 24h/day by using identification card (student card) with required authorization. The authorization must be requested with your supervisor or laboratory coordinator.


Nearby the campus you can find the Metro (subway/underground) and several bus stops.

In front of C8:
Carris: 207, 701, 717, 736, 750, 767, 798

In front of Torre do Tombo (behind C2):
Carris: 731, 735, 738, 755

Campo Grande bus station:
Carris: 701, 717, 731, 735, 736, 738, 747, 750, 755, 764, 767, 768, 778, 783, 796, 798
Rodoviária de Lisboa: 201, 300, 311, 312, 313, 315, 329, 331, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 344, 353, 354, 901, 931

Campo Grande (green line) and Cidade Universitária (yellow line) Stations


Gira Lisbon bicycle Service - Several Gira station are near C8, C7 and C6.


FCUL parking slots are limited only for employees. PhD students, Post-doc and invited researchers may apply for the access with the declaration letter from CQE to confirm their research activities in CQE@Ciências.

To apply for a parking, you first need to have access to the FCUL Login area and then fill the form (Guia de Pagamento - Série C).
Deliver the documents to Works, Maintenance and Facilities Office (4.1.38).
Parking permits fees are 12.30 € for the access card (paid once) plus 8.00 € for monthly access or 70.00 € annuity.


Where to eat?

FCUL Campus offers a wide variety of food services: 1 canteen (lunch service only - C7) and 4 snack bars which also serve lunches (C5, C6, C8 and Tec Labs). Vending machines are available on most buildings in the campus. UL canteen is also available around 10 min away on foot (lunch and dinner).

Snack bars

C5 | 8h-19h 
C6 | 8h-20h
C8 | 8h-19h15
Tec Labs | 8h-18h


C7 - 2nd floor | 12h-14h30
UL canteen - Av. Prof. Gama Pinto (Cidade Universitária) |12h-14h30 and 18h-20h15

Library and Student spaces

The libraries on Campus (C4 | 8h-19h30 and C8 | 14h-17h00) are free access and provide a wide range of information to the academic community (books, Master’s dissertations, PhD thesis, among others). 

Several spaces and rooms with computer can be access with your identification card:
C1 - 2nd floor (open 24h)
C1 floors 1, 4 and 5 | 8h-20h
C4 - 3rd floor | 8h-20h 
C6 -1st floor | 8h-20h



GAPSi - the Psychological and Educational Support Office offer psychological and learning and/or therapeutical support to all those who feel the need for specialized support.
Room 4.1.25 | gapsi@ciencias.ulisboa.pt | website

The Employees Association provide several services for the individual’s well-being such as gyms, cultural events and medical support (2 times/week).



Informatic Support

The IT Unit is responsible for managing, implementing, providing support and promoting the use of computer, communication and multimedia services and systems within the scope of FCUL activities (as well as planning such activities).
Room 1.2.10 | 8h30-17h30 | suporte@ciencias.ulisboa.pt

Wi-Fi Access (SSID: eduroam)


Technical Services Area

Safety, Health and Sustainability Office
Promoting safety and health at work by preparing and coordinating awareness and protection programmes; implementing measures aimed at improving environmental performance, in compliance with sustainability criteria; coordinating all internal safety procedures, in partnership with the University of Lisbon and relevant external bodies, including civil protection agents.
Ext: 24126 | E-mail g3s@ciencias.ulisboa.pt | website

Works, Maintenance and Facilities Office
Maintaining and preserving buildings, equipment and outdoor spaces; providing management support for the occupation of spaces in events unrelated to FCUL's regular activities.
Room 4.1.38. Tel. 217 500 099 Ext. 24135 Fax 217 500 157

Safety and security

The main security post on FCUL Campus is located at C5 (open 24 h). The main entrance of C6 and C8 also have a security post. For emergency call dial 20000 inside the Campus or directly + 351 217 500 600 will link you to the main post.

Other informations

Lost and Found – room 4.1.38 | 9h-17h
ATM - C5 (Atrium) and C8 (inside the building) both near the security post
Staples – convenience store and reprography - C5 (Atrium) | 9h-18h
Convenience store - C7 | working days: 7h-24h | weekend: 9h-21h